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This year, 32BJ airport workers in New York are gearing for another important battle in our ongoing fight for justice: The Healthy Terminals Act (HTA), which will provide a healthcare benefit supplement for thousands of terminal workers across the state.

Higher Wages Aren't Enough

After years of fighting, we finally won the highest minimum wage in the country through the NY/NJ Port Authority.  But with the bump in wages, many airport workers lost access to government subsidized healthcare plans like Medicaid.  This means higher out-of-pocket expenses for healthcare that puts at risk our economic security and the health of our families.

We Deserve It!

It’s only right that we have guaranteed access to healthcare that doesn’t force us to choose between paying the bills and taking care of our bodies.

Many Workers Already Have This Supplement

With the Healthy Terminals Act, New York terminal workers aren’t asking for anything unreasonable.  In fact, this bill is based on a law that already covers federally contracted employees doing similar work across the country.  The rate of the benefit supplement in the Healthy Terminals Act is exactly the same as the rate calculated for federally contracted service employees!

All we are asking is that the State of New York give front-line terminal workers the same protections that federal contractors already have!

What Does This Mean for 32BJ Members?

With the Healthy Terminals Act, 32BJ members will be able to bargain collectively to ensure the benefit supplement is used to purchase the highest quality healthcare possible. 32BJ members in other industries have been able to bargain premium-free, low co-pay health plans with similar costs.

Airport Workers Speak Out

I Support the NY Healthy Terminals Act!

The NY Healthy Terminals Act (S6266/A8142) is a bill that will require employers to provide benefits supplements compensation that tens of thousands of workers at New York’s transportation hubs can use to aquire the quality healthcare they desperately need.  It is time that highly profitable airlines provide a path to affordable health insurance so these important members of our community can take care of their health while they serve the public.

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