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Got Union?

Fighting for Fair Contracts and Quality Healthcare

Fighting to Improve Our Contract

Our Victory

In 2016, eight thousand New York and New Jersey airport passenger services workers won their first-ever contract, gaining a voice on the job, seniority, schedule and workload protections, and job security when contractors change.

Our Mission

At the dawn of a new year, in Janurary 2020, that inaugural contract will expire and we will return to the bargaining table with our employers to protect and build on our hard-won victories.

Fighting for Quality Healthcare

The Issue

We need a solution that levels the playing field for employers while giving workers the health benefits we need and deserve.  It’s only right that the men and women who protect and serve the public have access to healthcare that allows us to take care of our own bodies without breaking the bank.

Our Mission

Multi-billion dollar transportation corporations should support all workers who take health risks in order to make their profits.

Learn the terms and phrases that we use to win!

I Support the NY Healthy Terminals Act!

The NY Healthy Terminals Act (S6266/A8142) is a bill that will require employers to provide benefits supplements compensation that tens of thousands of workers at New York’s transportation hubs can use to aquire the quality healthcare they desperately need.  It is time that highly profitable airlines provide a path to affordable health insurance so these important members of our community can take care of their health while they serve the public.

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